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Captain's Blog

Archive: Dec 2019

Beautiful weather plus more of the same


What a difference a day makes! We went from clouds and gloom yesterday to gorgeous sunshine and pristine conditions today. Everything else pretty much stayed the same and we’re okay with that. Scattered juvenile humpback whales scattered throughout the Soquel hole along with an adult that is still hanging out here before heading south for…

Humpback whales + a special surprise.


It was sunny when we left the harbor this morning but turned to chilly cloud cover once out in the Bay. Regardless of the darker sky, winds and swell kept away providing for a pleasant comfortable trip. We saw the typical juvenile humpback whales we’ve been playing with lately but what was of particular surprise…

Resident humpbacks stay with us


Today’s trip was pretty amazing as the weather got just a little nicer and the sun shown a little brighter. We encountered a 1/2 dozen wintertime resident juvenile humpback whales frolicking out front of Santa Cruz on the west side of the Soquel Hole.  We also saw 4 adult transient humpback whales cruising through on…

Gift Certificates- great last minute gift idea!!


Looking for that perfect gift that you know will get used without adding clutter to your life (or home), is good for the environment and will never, ever end up in any landfill?? Look no further- A Sea Spirit Ocean Safari gift certificate is your perfect solution and will provide family memories to last a…

Heading into winter months


November treated us well as far as humpback whales remaining in the bay. The weather for the most part had remained beautiful and we witnessed some amazing sites. As we approach middle of December, moving into January and February we will be predominantly open on weekends. This is of course weather and participation dependent but…