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About Us

Since 1996 we’ve been providing charters out of Santa Cruz and exploring the Monterey Bay. It’s been our honor and our passion, it’s what we do best and why we feel so fortunate to do what we do every day. For this reason our customers realize pretty quickly that here in the Monterey Bay, our waters offer the nature viewer one of the widest ranges of marine life viewing of anywhere in the world.

Our underwater canyons rival the height of the Grand Canyon in depth and is the largest such submarine canyon along the West Coast of the North American continent. It is the largest feeding ground between the tip of Baja California up to the Alaskan panhandle. Because of this beautiful anomaly, our area is known to be “the playground” for a vast and diverse group of marine animals.

Join us to observe blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales, killer whales (orcas), dolphins, sea otters, mola molas, seals, sea lions, jellyfish, pelicans, sooty sheerwaters, sea turtles, and much more in their natural habitat aboard the Sea Spirit. Our ocean adventures are perfect for families, eco tourists, avid ornithologists, and photographers. It’s time to come experience what everyone is talking about!