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Beer & Wine



Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is proud to be an award winning, local, certified organic brewery. Just because they brew with organic grains and organic hops doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to love it!

Brewed in the traditional fashion by a family owned and operated brewery, these ales are not filtered, not pasteurized, not radiated, and not brewed with any genetically modified ingredients.

They travel the world studying beer, breweries, brewing, and bars. Because they brew on a 7bbl system, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing can take risks and brew whatever their hearts desire. This kind of makes them unique and definitely makes their seasonal beers interesting.  It also makes them true beer lovers.

Founded in 2005, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is proud to produce an American made product that is putting people to work locally. With twelve employees, they are a small but efficient operation and we at Sea Spirit Ocean Safari is proud to team up with them. Cheers!


Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard has been making European-style, food-friendly, cellar-worthy wines since 1975. They are well-known for making Pinot Noir that can age beautifully for three decades.

Their basic philosophy is that wine should dance with food and make the food/wine experience more than a sum of the ingredients. This means making wines with moderate alcohol and oak so that the true characteristics of the grape varieties are expressed. You won’t find any high-alcohol, jammy, oaky wines in their cellar.

In 2008 they launched a second brand, Quinta Cruz, which features only varieties that originated on the Iberian Peninsula but are now grown here in California. These Portuguese and Spanish varieties include Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Souzao, Graciano, and Tinto Cão.

After more-or-less hiding away in the mountains for 32 years, the winery moved into the city of Santa Cruz in 2008 and opened the first tasting room in their long history. Currently they are located in an area where you can walk to many other tasting rooms nearby and are only a few blocks from the beach and Natural Bridges State Park.

Sea Spirit Ocean Safari is excited to feature a couple of our favorites on board for your tasting pleasure. Salud!