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Captain's Blog

Current steps amid latest developments

To our current and future passengers, Effective immediately we are closing down all scheduled ocean safaris until April 8th, while office hours will remain unchanged.   Though it sadness us greatly to do this, we understand this is the best course of action to keeping you and our community safe. We remain optimistic that this is…

Northern migrating Gray whales and returning humpbacks!

a large body of water with a mountain in the background

On Sunday this week we had a beautiful tour exploring the Monterey Bay while encountering some gray whales migrating back up to their Arctic summer feeding grounds. These guys have one of the longest migration routes of any animal, clocking up to 14,000 miles round trip.  Additionally we had some humpback whales returning from their…

Everyday is different out there!

an animal swimming in the water

Can’t say it enough, every day is so different in the Monterey Bay and it’s one of the things that makes our jobs so amazing!  Today we were blessed with a couple migrating Gray whales heading north but I think everyone’s favorite, mine included was the bottle nose dolphin with her calf.  The additional pod…