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I wish it were like a light switch!

a dog swimming in the ocean

A blog is where you can be a little less formal right? Maybe even dig a little deeper and share a little more than what you might on your typical “daily sightings report or post”.  Full disclosure, this whole COVID-19 thing has been a roller coaster of a ride as a business owner. Opening up after COVID-19 is not like returning from vacation where you can unlock the doors, flick the light switch and turn on the open sign. Oh and you can forget about those tan lines and any feeling about being rested or refreshed.

I gotta tell you, I’m  nervous!  I’m nervous for you, I’m nervous for my staff, and I’m nervous for me- And all for different reasons!!! It’s freakin crazy! Getting past all the nerves and realizing it just comes down to safety and responsibility eases my mind.

Losing myself in a cathartic 5 paragraph blog post, I remind myself of my audience and bring it all back–(Thank you for the brief escape, let’s get back to it)

Currently we are offering private great white shark tours for up to 10 passengers at $1,050.00. AKA nearshore safaris.  These trips are for 2 hours and venture to Shark Park and will be listed on our site shortly. Remember these trips need sunlight and are best experienced mid day. They are available for booking now and are awesome for all ages, family and friends to get out on the water. We chose to open up with these trips because we thought it important to offer something that you as consumers could enjoy out of the ordinary, without stress or worry of other people around possibly being sick.  So for around $100.00 a person you can have a private boating tour free of COVID worry.

We of course still continue to offer our attended and unattended ash scatterings.

At this moment in time we aren’t doing whale watching and will address this next month.

As demand grows and COVID plays out we will adjust everything accordingly, up or down- don’t know yet.  We only ask for your continued patience and support as we navigate this because sometimes, I just gotta say- “Hey, I’m not sure what we’re doing.”

a dog swimming in the ocean

As always, please call with questions 831-336-2244 or email at [email protected]

Stay safe and healthy!

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