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Captain's Blog

Sea otters

Trips every weekend now through April.

a whale jumping out of a body of water

We are open year around and have trips every weekend through the winter months (weather permitting). Come out and see these magnificent animals!!  Right now there are Humpback whales, Gray Whales and even Orcas among a plethora of other marine life!  Superbowl Sunday we will be back to the dock by 1:00pm so you still…

Humpbacks continue to amaze

a bird flying over a body of water with a mountain in the background

The weather continues to cooperate through the weekend and those humpbacks continue to amaze us!! Today’s sighting’s included humpback whales, otters, sea lions (including 2 Stellar Sea lions) Harbor Seals and a plethora of marine birds including some nice pelicans.  We have 3 spots available on our 10:00am tomorrow morning- come out and join us!…

Resident humpbacks stay with us


Today’s trip was pretty amazing as the weather got just a little nicer and the sun shown a little brighter. We encountered a 1/2 dozen wintertime resident juvenile humpback whales frolicking out front of Santa Cruz on the west side of the Soquel Hole.  We also saw 4 adult transient humpback whales cruising through on…

Great White Sharks returning next season.


With the approaching colder water and shorter days, our Great White Shark Safaris have switched to Near Shore Safaris.  Though the opportunity for seeing these magnificent apex predators still exist through the end of the month, our chance dwindles down substantially.  For this reason our afternoons will be predominately focused on local whales, Sea Otters,…