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Wildlife Safaris

Morning Whale Watching Safari & Great White Shark Safari

Due to COVID-19 and in order for us to stay open while keeping passengers and crew as safe as possible we are offering only private excursions at this time. We have created these at a discounted price point in mind. All privates will be $1,050 regardless of time frame or chosen excursion.  Trips will range from 2-4 hours and you may bring as many people you feel safe in your pod up to 20ppl. This is a large discount from our regular $525.00 an hour private rate. Splitting this between families and friends can create an affordable, safe, stress-free, once in a lifetime escape! Looking to keep kids busy during the holiday break and off their screens? Don’t look any further!

Gray whales will be migrating soon and if whales aren’t your thing, well there is always so much to see out in our beautiful Monterey Bay. Please keep in mind these safaris take place in the wild with wild animals. For that reason trips are always dependent on weather conditions, seasons and animal activity. Throughout the year you can expect different animals, contrasting weather and various dock departure times. No two trips are ever the same!

Tours may include sites of the cement ship, the SS Palo Alto, or if the whales call us north, the deserted towering cement plant of Davenport with its own rich history. The various real estate along our coastline, and seeing the wildlife that calls it home is always a treat. Other animals we may encounter, otters, mola-molas, Risos dolphins, white sided dolphins, various species of jellys, a plethora of sea birds, orcas and the list goes on.  Give us a try- you will be happy you did!