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Near Shore Ocean Safari

Private tour at $1,550 | Great for families!

Private Tour up to 15 passengers


Our Great White Shark safari tours venture down to “Shark Park”,  a warm calm water area just a short distance from the Santa Cruz Harbor but still in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. On these White shark encounters we get up close and personal to these apex predators as they come in to “check us out”. This trips stay close to shore and may be better suited for those who prefer a slightly warmer experience or for those who may wish to start their day a little later than the early morning Whale Watching tours.  These White Shark tours depart at 11:30am and 2:00pm and are shorter in length, averaging just a couple of hours. They may include the possible sightings of dolphins, otters, seals, and Whales to name a few!

Although Great White shark viewing at “Shark Park” can happen year around, it is most frequent between the months of May-September. All ages are welcome!

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